Eight large craters run in a long straight line across a geographical region. Although some of the craters contain ro...

mnv on June 18 at 06:11AM

Answer choice A

Why is A wrong and how does B strengthen the argument?

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Ben on June 19 at 08:50PM

Hi Mnv, thanks for the question.

B strengthens the argument by discounting meteorites being a possible cause for the straight line of craters. This makes the conclusion all the more likely that it was the result of volcanic events.

A doesn't strengthen the argument because it isn't close enough to the scenario presented in the passage. It should be a long straight line of craters. If this was proven to be due to volcanic events, then this would strengthen the argument. However, showing that volcanic events were responsible for a short line of craters doesn't help. It also neglects the fact that the craters were all different ages in the passage.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!