If J, O, and Y are the first three concertos to be played, not necessarily in the order given, which one of the follo...

Rani on June 18 at 11:37PM

I'm having help with the setup

I'm not getting any helpful deductions from the getgo. Help would be appreciated :)

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Rani on June 18 at 11:54PM

Sorry I meant to write I need help haha

Ben on June 20 at 12:43AM

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

There are a few key inferences to make that allow you to zip through this game, however none of them are truly necessary to make before starting. They could be found as the questions come.

With one of the groups being X, Y, and Z. We need two of these three. With there being a conflict between X and Z, this means Y is always in.

Additionally, since the contrapostive of the fourth rule seems to not make very much sense. We need to think about what it really means.

It looks like this.

If O is before J, then either J or O is out. How can one of them be out if O is before J? Well, what it is really saying is that if O is first, J is out, and if J is last, O is out.

Lastly, you could make the deduction that N leads to J which leads to M being out.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.