The author of passage B would be most likely to agree with which one of the following?

Avi on June 19, 2020

What's wrong with D?

Isn't D supported by line 32 "We are free to read any text by any reading protocol we wish"?

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Ben on June 20, 2020

Hi Avif, thanks for the question.

Answer choice A is correct here is because the fictional works that are most central to a theme really exploit the reading protocols of that genre. We can infer from this that author of passage B would think that those works not meant to exploit these reading protocols would then not be a central case of the genre, but rather borderline.

D is incorrect because although you are correct, the author did say we are free to read any text however we want, what the author also said was that certain reading protocols mixed with certain genres yield particularly rich reading experiences. This implies that the interpretation does change based on genre.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Avi on June 22, 2020

Thanks. I still don't see how what you said is enough to eliminate D though. It does help a bit, but, I still don't fully get it.

Emil on October 28 at 03:02PM

I think the statement in question directly disproves D. If we are free to read using any genre protocol we want, that means we are free to interpret a given sentence differently based on the genre we use to approach it. Therefore, the way we interpret a sentence is directly related to the genre we use to approach it.