Libel is defined as damaging the reputation of someone by making false statements. Ironically, strong laws against li...

mnv on June 21 at 04:17AM

Why B is wrong?

I understand why the correct answer is correct. But Why B is wrong? Thanks!

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Skylar on June 21 at 10:02PM

@Mnv, happy to help!

Answer choice (B) is incorrect because it attempts to justify the fact that "some public figures will acquire bad reputations," whereas the passage goes beyond this in making the claim that it is "impossible for anyone in the public eye to have a good reputation." Some people having a bad reputation is different from nobody having a good reputation, so (B) fails to provide the reasoning needed to make the argument in the passage flow logically.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions!