According to the passage, one's gaining greater expertise in a field appears to result in

Avi on June 21, 2020

A vs D

I limited the choices to A and D. I don't understand why A is wrong and D is right. Based on what the psychologists say about experts that they aren't really different rather they just express themselves differently? D is wrong based on the psychologists point of view.

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Victoria on June 30, 2020

Hi @avif,

Psychologists say that gaining greater expertise in a field changes both our knowledge of that field and our perception of entities in that field.

Experts in a field believe that they are able to directly see and grasp these entities and their relations whereas, prior to gaining this expertise, they could only make inferences about them.

The psychology behind this suggests that experts make introspective inferences so fast that they fail to notice that they are making them. This failure to notice inferences leads experts to believe that they cannot be wrong in identifying their thoughts because they are perceiving them directly.

Answer choice (A) is incorrect because the passage does not tell us how experts in a field express their judgments about issues in their field. Rather, the passage focuses on how experts perceive entities and relations within the field and how they interpret their own thoughts about these entities.

Answer choice (D) is correct as it is directly supported by the passage which tells us that expertise changes "our very perception of entities in that area. It appears to us that we become able to see and to grasp these entities and their relations directly..." (lines 28 to 31).

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Avi on June 30, 2020