Studies reveal that most people select the foods they eat primarily on the basis of flavor, and that nutrition is usu...

mnv on June 22 at 05:46AM

Why b is wrong?

Please explain B thanks

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Shunhe on June 23 at 02:32AM

Hi @Mnv,

Thanks for the question! (B) is wrong because it doesn’t strengthen the argument as well as (E) does. First of all, (B) is talking about nutritious food that isn’t flavorful, and the argument is about getting people to eat nutritious foods that are flavorful. Also, (B) is saying that people wouldn’t eat foods that are nutritious but not flavorful. But we want people to eat foods that are nutritious, and (B) just talks about people not eating those foods. And of course, on the LSAT, we have to pick the best answer; (E) strengthens the argument more strongly than (B).

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.