Michele: In my professional experience, it's usually not a good idea for a company to overhaul its databases. The rew...

zia305 on June 24, 2020


Can someone please explain the right answer?

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shunhe on June 24, 2020

Hi @zia305,

Thanks for the question! First, we have to figure out what Michele and Alvaro are saying. Then, we have to figure out what they disagree on.

Michele tells us that companies usually shouldn’t overhaul their databases. Why? Because rewards rarely exceed the problems, and if you’re considering a database overhaul, think twice about it.

Alvaro, on the other hand, says that the problems are because of failures to properly recode the database. So, says Alvaro, if you’re considering a database overhaul, just do the job right.

Now for the part where we figure out what they disagree on. Remember, the correct answer is something where we should definitively be able to say that they disagree. Take a look at (D), which says they disagree about what a company should do when considering a database overhaul. Well, Michele would say what? Think twice about it (which highly suggest “don’t do it”). And Alvaro would say what? Just do it right. Well, clearly, they’re saying two different things, and so they disagree on (D). And so (D) is the right answer.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.