Ann: All the campers at Camp Winnehatchee go to Tri–Cities High School.Bill: That's not true. Some Tri–Cities student...

Cameron on June 24 at 08:49PM


can you break this down for me? Thanks!

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Annie on June 25 at 01:50AM

Hi @Cammy,

This question asks you to pick the answer choice which explains Bill's answer.

Ann tells us that ALL at CW go to TC
Bill says that Ann is wrong because SOME TC go to CL

But, it is possible that both Ann and Bill are correct. It is possible for all CW campers to attend TC school, but not all TC students to attend CW. For instance, there may be 100 CW campers and they all attend TC. But, there may be 500 TC students. We know 100 of them are CW campers, but there still are 400 other students. Some of them may be campers at CL.

So, Bill is mistaken.

Answer (D) explains Bill's mistake. He is assuming that when Ann says all CW campers go to TC she means that only CW campers go to TC. This would mean that the 100 CW campers are the only students at TC, there aren't the 400 extra. If this were true, than Bill would be correct and Ann's statement would in fact be wrong, because he knows that there are some TC students who are CL campers.