Fishery officials are still considering options for eliminating Lake Davis's population of razor–toothed northern pik...

Alexander on June 25 at 11:00PM

Why not E?

I'm at a loss as to how the argument suggests that poisoning the lake was unsuccessful. As I read the text, I only see that the negative effect of poisoning the lake was tainted water which infuriated residents and negatively impacted tourism. How should we induce from this that poisoning the lake was unsuccessful in also killing pike?

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Alexander on June 25 at 11:17PM

Never mind…

Ben on June 26 at 12:25AM

Hi Alexander, thanks for reaching out.

Sounds like you got it on your own, however, if you any questions remaining please reach out again! Best of luck with your studies!

on September 30 at 03:59AM

Hi Ben, would it be ok for you to explain the answer? Thank you!