Which one of the following could be an accurate list, for each of the nations, of the crops it exports?

on June 26 at 02:10AM

Game Setup - How were you able to deduce that those were the only 2 setups

How did you figure that the only 2 setups were when 2 Soybeans were either in X and Y or solely in Z? I failed to make this connection.

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Ben on June 26 at 02:40AM

Hi Jerome, thanks for the question.

This deduction was possible because of the biconditional presented in the rules that stated that S was either in X and Y or not in X and not in Y.

So of course, if S is in X and Y, we will write in S for both. That is one scenario.

The other is if it is in neither. In this case, S would be placed in Z.

There is no other possibility for the placement concerning S. This is how we know there are the two setups.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.