Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage?

Avi on June 29 at 01:41AM

Main point questions

I find myself struggling with main point questions often limiting down the answers to a couple of choices and then needing to choose uncertainly. I picked B instead of A. I don't see why one is better than the next. Please explain. Thanks.

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Shunhe on June 29 at 04:30PM

Hi @avif,

Thanks for the question! We’re trying to figure out the main point of this passage. So let’s take a look at (A) and (B) here.

(A) tells us that the main point is to talk about the modern trend in bankruptcy law away from punishment and towards economic activity, and how that serves the best interests of society and shouldn’t be abandoned. And we see that this is a recurring theme throughout the passage. Bankruptcy should help individuals and corporations in trouble which benefits society in whole is the thrust of the entire passage. The first paragraph sets up the two perspectives and lets us know the author’s side, which is opposing bankruptcy as punishment. The second paragraph talks about the history of bankruptcy being used as punishment and why that wasn’t good. And the third paragraph introduces what the author thinks, that bankruptcy should benefit society by helping troubled individuals and corporations. So we can see that this all supports (A), which is the correct answer.

(B), on the other hand, isn’t correct because it’s not true that bankruptcy laws have evolved IN ORDER TO meet the needs of creditors. As the author says in lines 1-6, the shift has been an unexpected one for creditors. “In order to” suggests that it was done purposely, but the author clearly sees it as accidental, and so (B) doesn’t even accurately describe the nature of the shift, so it can’t be the correct answer.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Avi on June 29 at 05:19PM

Thanks! I missed those words.

Shunhe on June 30 at 03:30PM

You're welcome, glad I could help!