The passage most supports which one of the following statements about the tribal legal systems mentioned in the secon...

JoshG on June 29, 2020

A-C Logic Diagramming

Hi there, I have identified the support for this passage as being found in lines 25-30 and was quickly able to toss D and E. A through C, however, all sound very similar, and upon my review, I'm realizing I should have diagrammed them out. Is it a correct analysis to say that A and B are logical equivalents? LSCC = Legal System has Collective Concept EL = Engage in Litiation A + B: LSCC --> EL. I believe these two are the illegal reversals of: C: EL --> LSCC, which is what the passages states. I just want to make sure my analysis is correct. Thanks for your help!

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Victoria on July 8, 2020

Hi @JoshG,

You are absolutely correct!

Keep up the great work and please let us know if you have any further questions.