Scientist: A controversy in paleontology centers on the question of whether prehistoric human ancestors began to dev...

Avi on June 29 at 04:45PM


Is E wrong because it mentions nothing about making the tool rather just using it? I limited the answers down to E and B and I didn't end up picking B because I wasn't sure if advanced hunting tools are necessarily sophisticated.

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Shunhe on June 30 at 05:44PM

Hi @avif,

Thanks for the question! Yup, you got why (E) is wrong. (E) is talking about using a tool, not necessarily making it, so it’s not really relevant to this stimulus (which discusses making tools). It’s not too far to call advanced hunting weapons “sophisticated tools” in the given context, which is talking about controversies in paleontology and prehistoric human ancestors. So (B) is a fine answer here, and the correct one.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Avi on June 30 at 07:23PM


Shunhe on July 2 at 06:01PM

Glad it helped!