Which one of the following is an acceptable sequence of obstacles in the obstacle course, in order from first to sixth?

on July 2 at 12:26AM

Is it worth it to write out all of the scenarios?

When I first did this game I did not write out scenarios. It took me a long time to go through all the questions and I made a mistake or two. I went back and redid it and found that I could make 6 complete scenarios pretty easily. 3 with s going third and 3 with s going fourth. Would you recommend writing out these six scenarios? I have gotten pretty good at writing out scenarios but sometimes I do not know if its worth the time that it takes.

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Dhishal on October 23 at 09:17PM

I also have this^ question. I'm guessing with a question like this since there are SO many possibilities, so few rules, and it's a more straightforward yet open ended linear game, I'd say no.