What is the main purpose of the fourth paragraph?

KGregory on July 7, 2020

Why is it not B?

So I had it down to B and E and chose B because of the fact it said an illustration which it kind of did.

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Victoria on July 17, 2020

Hi @KGregory,

Happy to help!

First, what is the general claim made in the first paragraph?

The article claims that the flow of information across the globe presents serious difficulties for traditional legislation and law enforcement, both of which are dependent upon national and political borders.

The fourth paragraph provides another example of one of these difficulties. Answer choice (B) is incorrect because, while this can be considered an illustration of the general claim, it does not question it.

Answer choice (E) is correct because the illustration/argument supports the general claim made in the first paragraph.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.