Coherent solutions for the problem of reducing health–care costs cannot be found within the current piecemeal system ...

elawrencehenderson on July 10, 2020


Can someone elaborate a bit on what constitutes an analogy? I have always thought it was about showing how two things are relevantly similar. This instead seems as if they are giving an example of the general principle.

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shunhe on July 16, 2020

Hi @elawrencehenderson,

Thanks for the question! So an analogy is basically when you are comparing two different scenarios or ideas or things in general, and the point of doing so is to show that what applies in one can also apply in the other. For example, the classic phrase life is like a box of chocolates is an analogy, trying to show some similarity between a box of chocolates and life itself. So yes, it is showing how two things are relevantly similar. And that’s actually what’s happening in this question, right? What are the two things we’re comparing here? Well, we’re looking at solutions for the problem of reducing health-care costs today and drawing on the various reforms of the 1980s for lessons. And then we’re given an analogy comparing the current system to a pliable spending balloon. Push in one part, and another bulge pops up elsewhere. And that’s similar to the problems with our system. Cut costs in one place, more costs appear elsewhere. That’s the analogy being drawn here.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.