No member of the Richardson Theater Group is both a performer and an administrator. Since Leon and Marta are both me...

Crook on July 10, 2020

Is E purely distraction?

I identified the correct answer, but I am curious about the last answer choice. E's language seems irrelevant. Is there a way to diagram E to validate this feeling? I am unsure how to approach it other than with an odd sense it does not seem right. Thank you!

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shunhe on July 16, 2020

Hi @Crook,

Thanks for the question! So we could pseudodiagram it in the following way:

Member of BoD of D —> ~Member of BoD of T
~(BoD of D < 5 members) & ~(BoD of T < 5 members)
Conclusion: BoD of D + BoD of T >= 10 members

And as the answer explanation states, this is actually a valid argument. Whereas the initial argument and (C) are flawed. And so that’s how (E) can’t be the right answer, because we’re looking for something that parallels the flaw in the stimulus, and (E) obviously can’t do that if it doesn’t have a flaw in the first place.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.