Which one of the following is an acceptable schedule for the librarians, listed in order from Monday through Saturday?

Kiana on July 11, 2020

Video Confusing

Hello, I was reviewing the video and it says that F cannot be on Wednesday, but I had a set up of H-L-F-M-K-ZandG. Then I went to keep playing the video and she has almost the same set up as me with F being on Wednesday. Was this F not being on Wednesday a mistake on the video or is the set up wrong and I'm not seeing why? Thank you! -Kiana

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Skylar on July 20, 2020

@Kiana, happy to help!

I reviewed the video and understand your confusion. Personally, I see nothing wrong with your setup or with the possibility of F being assigned to Wednesday, as it is in the second setup scenario that the video writes out.

In the game setup video, we are originally told that F cannot be assigned to Wednesday because 4 variables (M, K, G, and Z) must follow F. It seems that the video was counting back from the days of the week (W, Th, F, S) without taking into consideration that there are 2 available Saturday spots. Be careful here- some of the variables must come on earlier days than others, while some are left unrelated. For example, M must be placed on an earlier day than G, and K must be placed on an earlier day than Z, but there is nothing saying that G and Z cannot both be placed on the same day. Therefore, it should be possible for F to be assigned to Wednesday and for the 4 variables that F must precede to take up the 4 spots available between Th - S.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!