Researcher: Consumption of turmeric, a basic ingredient in curry dishes, probably slows cognitive decline. Our resear...

fable on July 12, 2020

C and E

I was between C and E and chose C but I am confused why E is the best answer. I understand that E states that Indian curries generally have more tumeric and the more tuner is the better cognitive function. But this answer choices doesn’t give any info that shows that these people generally eat Indian curries regularly. It’s great that Indian curries have more turmeric but doesn’t mean anything unless they are being eaten. I chose C because it explains that most residents of Indian ethnicity eat curries regularly. So if they are eating Indian curries or non Indian curries they are still getting turmeric more often than non regular eaters.

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shunhe on July 13, 2020

Hi @fable,

Thanks for the question! So take another look at the stimulus. The research team analyzed a database of information about the cognitive function, ethnicity, and diet of elderly residents of Singapore. And the relationship is strongest for elderly Singapore residents of Indian ethnicity. But (C) is about most Singapore residents who are of Indian ethnicity, and so we can’t strengthen the research team’s findings (about elderly residents) based on (C), which is about most Singapore residents.

Yeah, I understand your frustrations with (E), it’s not the best formulated answer unfortunately. But it’s definitely the best answer choice out of these, and remember that on the LSAT, we’re stuck with picking the best answer, even if it’s not ideal. So here, even though I totally agree with the reservations you have about (E), it’s the best answer and therefore the correct one.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.