The question posed by the author in lines 7–10 of the passage introduces which one of the following'

on July 12 at 08:10PM

Please explain C

Can you please explain C. There have been many requests

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Shunhe on July 13 at 06:19PM

Hi @fable,

Thanks for the question! So here we’re asked for the question posed by the author in lines 7-10 of the passage, and what they introduce. So we should go to those lines and read a bit above and below in order to get the full context. Those lines ask us in a rhetorical question why physicians should resist such efforts to give the practice of medicine a new meaning. And oftentimes when the author asks a rhetorical question, the author will answer it in the following lines. So the author is introducing here why physician should resist redefining medicine as a trade (as opposed to a profession) which the author then talks about for the rest of the passage. And so this is why (C) is correct, that it introduces the author’s inquiry in to the nature of the practice of medicine. The nature of the practice of medicine, in the end, relates to why it should be a profession and not a trade. And these lines introduce that.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.