The author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements about archaeological investigatio...

Maria on July 13, 2020

Answer choice E

Hi!! could you break down answer choice E and why is it wrong please?

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Victoria on May 22, 2021

Hi @Maria-Marin,

Happy to help!

Answer choice (E) is incorrect for two reasons.

First, we know that new archaeological investigations into the civilization have provided new evidence; however, we do not know whether these were the most recent archaeological investigations into the civilization.

Second, we are provided with no information about the field of archaeology as a whole. We know that, for this particular civilization, there exists limited written evidence; however, this does not support concluding that the author believes that there is a trend in the field to avoid over-relying on written evidence.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.