If J lives on the fourth floor and K lives on the fifth floor, which one of the following can be true?

fable on July 17, 2020

Confused by the question

I’m a little confused by this question because the question stems as K is on the fifth floor and one of the rules says K has to be above P and the fifth floor is the last floor

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Skylar on July 20, 2020

@fable, happy to help!

Be careful with the direction of terms like above and below. Here, the fifth floor is what you refer to as the "last floor" because it's the highest floor. Therefore, if we place K on the fifth floor, it is above all the other floors, so it is very possible to place K above P.

This question tells us that J is on the 4th floor and K is on the 5th floor.
5: K
4: J
3: ?
2: ?
1: ?

Rule #1 says that there must be another apartment on the same floor as J, and Rule #2 says that K is on the floor directly above P. In other words, P is on the floor directly below K. Since K is on floor 5, this means that P must be on floor 4. Therefore, we make P the other apartment that is assigned to the same floor as J.
5: K
4: J P
3: ?
2: ?
1: ?

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!

fable on August 5, 2020

Thank you that really helps

shannonk68 on August 8, 2020

I literally was reading it the same way, as K not being able to be on the 5th Floor. Skylar, your explanation really clarified where I went wrong. Thank you.