The passage most clearly suggests that Kingston believes which one of the following about at least some of the storie...

Alexandra on July 19 at 09:56PM


Can this be explained please

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Shunhe on July 20 at 02:02PM

Hi @alliehall21,

Thanks for the question! So we’re asked here for something that the passage suggests that Kingston believes about the stories contained in her writings. Well, we know that we talk about Kingston’s beliefs about her writing a lot in the third paragraph, so we should look there for guidance. Notice that we’re told that Kingston’s “thematic” story telling memory processes “sift and reconstruct the essential elements of personally remembered stories” (lines 31-32). And also, we know that for Kingston, writers are keepers/transmitters/creators of stories “whose current stage of development can be frozen in print, but which continue to grow both around and from that frozen text” (lines 40-42). In other words, Kingston thinks that stories can change and evolve even if they’re written down. And this is exactly what (C) says, that the stories will likely be retold and altered to some extent in the process.

Notice that (D) and (E) are pretty extreme in their wording and can be eliminated for that reason (“best” chronicled and cannot be captured “at all”). And (A) and (B) aren’t supported by the passage anywhere, so they can be eliminated as well.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.