It is fully determined which of the shelves each of the books is placed on if which one of the following is true?

on July 22, 2020

Why is the answer A and not C?

I am having trouble creating a setup that shows more books on the bottom shelf than the top if I and M are together. Thanks!

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Emil on June 14 at 02:26AM

Hi, let's see what happens if we put I and M together.

M: I M

We know that F is with M, and that K is higher than FM so we know we have

T: K _
M: I M F
B: _ _ _

Since we know that o must be higher than L, we know that O must be on the top, L on the bottom, and since we must have three or more on the bottom, our two floaters of G and H are also on the bottom

T: K O
M: I M F

For C we do not know for sure where everything goes.

We know that the only rung with room for L F and M is the bottom so we will have

M: I
B: L F M

But there isn't anything else we know for sure to be true.