Which one of the following most accurately states the main point of the passage?

RayJ on July 22, 2020

Why is A correct

Hi, could someone please explain why A is correct? I was stuck between A and B and went with B since I thought perhaps the language of ‘thrive’ in A was too strong and not directly mentioned in the passage. My apologies if I am incorrect and missed it. Thanks in advance!

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Emil-Kunkin on May 13 at 06:39PM

Hi, while the term thrive is not directly in the passage, I think we know that Wheatley thinks his reforms will enable this, which I think we see in the end of the first paragraph.

The main issue with B is that the author doesn't really tell us this, and that it's not even directionally correct. The author appears to be moderately sympathetic to Wheatley, while B is describing a potential issue in his thinking.