Which one of the following could be the assignment of departments to floors?

Thalia on July 23 at 02:45AM

Q1: Eliminating Choice E

There is nothing in the question that suggests that there is any specific sequence to each floor, only that certain departments will be in certain floors. The H/I rule #2 is really the only somewhat sequential restriction and this is between floors not across them. Why is it then that we can eliminate choice E using rule #2? Is it not possible that H and I are directly above and below each other in choice E given that there is nothing mandating the order of the departments in the middle floor? I interpreted each line as a grouping, not as a sequence, and since I is the only department in the bottom line, then it could it not have been below H? What in the prompt tells us that the order listed for each floor is a sequence and not a group?

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Thalia on July 23 at 03:05AM

Disregard, I misheard the explanation/misread the question! :)

Shunhe on July 23 at 08:30PM

Glad you figured it out!