Which one of the following statements could be true?

James on July 23 at 02:25PM


Why can't E be true? by looking at option 2 of the hypothetical it seems it is possible that answer choice E could be true. Thanks

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Shunhe on July 23 at 10:20PM

Hi @jam0086@mix.wvu.edu,

Thanks for the question! So actually, (E) can’t be true. So let’s say that the line 3 tickets for January are yellow, and the line 1 tickets for February are red. Well, we know that for January, the line 2 tickets are purple (second-to-last rule). So that leaves line 1 in January left. But according to rule 4, one set of January tickets is red. So that means that set of January tickets has to be red, the line 1 January tickets. But we assumed that the line 1 February tickets were red, and we can’t have the January and February tickets for a line be the same color (rule 2). So (E) is impossible. And you can see this diagrammed out as following:??Jan: _ P Y
Feb: R _ _

So you can see that the remaining slot in January has to be R, but that’s not allowed in this game. So (E) can’t happen.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.