The advent of chemical fertilizers led the farmers in a certain region to abandon the practice of periodically growin...

tjs on July 23, 2020

A versus E

Is there a trick to remember the relevant differences between answer choices a and e, they are very similar and although I looked at the sufficient and necessary language during the test, it was tough to apply them to the passage under the time constraints.

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shunhe on July 23, 2020

Hi @tjs,

Thanks for the question! So take a look at (A). First of all, it’s about “most” farmers, and (E) is about “many” farmers. “Many” is similar to “some” on the LSAT, whereas “most” is another category. So that’s a difference between the two.

Then, we’re told that most, if not at all, farmers in the region who abandon chemical fertilizers will periodically grow alfalfa. And compare that to (E), which doesn’t talk about alfalfa, but talks about “green-manure crops.” In the stimulus, we’re talking about “green-manure” crops, using alfalfa as an example. IT doesn’t actually have to be alfalfa, it could be another kind of green-manure crop. So that’s another way to realize that (A) is wrong and (E) is right.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.