Which one of the following most accurately describes the stance expressed by the author of passage A toward Borges's ...

Isabel on July 23, 2020

Reading the tone

Hi, I was unable to pick up the tone of the author in passage A. Can you point out signs that showed it was complete agreement?

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Shunhe on July 23, 2020

Hi @Isabel-Zuniga,

Thanks for the question! So how do we know that the author of passage A was in complete agreement with Borges’s view? Well, what does Borges think? Reading throughout the passage, we can tell that Borges thinks that it’s super important that the reader participates and that how the reader participates depends on what kind of literature is being read. We should then look for places where author A expresses her own opinion, and not necessarily that of Borges (since she often talks about things from Borges’s point of view). She does this at the end of the first paragraph, when she tells us that “his [Borges’s] account also draws our attention to an insight into the general nature of literature” (lines 10-11). Those are some pretty nice words for Borges from the author! Now look again at lines 19-21, where we’re told that “what unites works belonging to the same genre is the way those works are read, rather than, say, a set of formal elements found within the works.” We know that these are the author’s words, not Borges’s words. But this is basically what Borges was saying! And that’s how we know that the author was in complete agreement with Borges.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.