If the city of Nomo is in country X, and if Hannah spends as many days as possible in Nomo and as few days as possibl...

Gabriela-Diaz on July 23, 2020

Question Explanation

In the example she is explaning in the video, it will have y have 8 days while x only has 4 days. But X has to have the most days. So how is this not contradictory? Please help with video explanation

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ankita96 on August 15, 2020

Hi, I would like an explanation to this as well. the video explanation does not clarify this.
Thanks in advance!

Matthew12 on December 7, 2020

Hey guys,

The stimulus never says that Country X must have the most days. It just says that Nomo (a city in X) must have the max amount of days. The max amount of days is 4 because each city must be visited for at least 2 days and we have 2 flexible days that can be used anywhere (2+2=4). Hopefully that helps.