Which one of the following interns CANNOT be assigned to Tuscany?

Thalia on July 24, 2020

Reliance on prior work vs. set up

This is partially a question and partially feedback: I am finding quite a bit of emphasis in these logic game explanations on using prior work to answer later questions and am a bit concerned. I understand that this may be a critical strategy, but I am finding myself thinking "I wouldn't have seen that" or "that's not how I went about answering X prior question." Also, I have seen situations in which new deductions could be made using the set up instead which I find may be a bit more reliable/consistent? In this question for example, we can say "H" cannot be in Tuscany since we have already determined that both J and H must be photographer's assistants a J occupies the Tuscany spot. (Also a quicker route.) I think it's good practice to learn how to use prior work, but am afraid I am missing out on valuable deduction practice as a result. Any thoughts?

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Emil-Kunkin on January 6 at 04:29PM

Personally I agree with you. I like the idea of practicing harder than you will need to, and every question is totally solvable without prior work. However, if you do in fact have a prior scenario that speaks to the question at hand, it is in your interest to save time and be able to eliminate some answers off the bat with that scenario. I support practicing both!