Sharita: Anyone who owns a cat should have it spayed or neutered unless they are willing to take care of the cat's of...

jing jing on July 25 at 12:35AM

Could someone please explain this?

Could someone please explain this? Thanks

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Ravi on July 25 at 09:45PM,

Let's take a look.

Sharita is saying that people should get their cat spayed or neutered
unless you want to keep the kids of the cat. The failure to do this
has resulted in many stray cats.

Chad thinks stray cats are a nuisance and that people who feed them
has caused too many strays.

Sharita appears to think there are a ton of stray cats around, and
Chad thinks they're a nuisance. We're looking for an answer choice
that shows something they agree on. From the looks of it, it appears
that they both think that there are too many stray cats.

(B) says, "There are more stray cats than there should be."

We know that Chad thinks stray cats are a nuisance and that Sharita
believes that pets should be spayed or neutered to prevent more stray
cats from being around. Both of them believe that there should be
fewer stray cats than there currently are, so (B) is something they
agree on and is the correct answer choice.

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