Art critic: Criticism focuses on two issues: first, whether the value of an artwork is intrinsic to the work; and s...

on July 25 at 06:37PM

confused by wording

I read the answer explanation for this question and I see how the author assumes that judgments about extrinsic value must be subjective (a matter of taste). The wording here confuses me though. Doesn't the author take for granted that extrinsic can be objective (not cannot be objective) since she assumes they are all subjective?

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Ravi on July 25 at 08:28PM


Great question. The author is not taking for granted (assuming) that
extrinsic can be objective. Since she's assuming that extrinsic
artworks are all subjective, there is no way that she's assuming that
they can be objective because being subjective means that they are NOT

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!