Robinson: Wexell says that the museum wasted its money in purchasing props and costumes from famous stage productions...

on July 31 at 04:54PM

can someone explain what A is saying

I was able to get the right answer but I was tripped up by the wording in answer choice A. I was wondering if someone could provide an example of what this flaw would look like? Thank you

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Shunhe on August 1 at 03:35AM

Hi @kmccarthy10,

Thanks for the question! So the flaw in (A) is offering anecdotal evidence insufficient to support a general claim. This would be like if you had some general claim, like “the keto diet works great for losing weight.” And you tried to prove it with just some anecdotal evidence, like “My friend Bob does it, and he’s lost 10 pounds, says it works great, and feels better than ever!” Sure, one person might think that, but that’s not enough evidence to support that claim (which may or may not be true, you just can’t prove it with only Bob’s story is the point). So that’s what (A) would look like.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.