The reasoning by which, according to the passage, Estabrook justifies his choice of certain strategies in photographi...

Ava-Pacchiana on August 1, 2020

Why not E?

It seemed to me that E was also a valid answer choice. Why is E incorrect?

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shunhe on August 1, 2020

Hi @Ava-Pacchiana,

Thanks for the question! So this passage is asking us for something that’ll strengthen Estabrook’s justification of choosing certain strategies in photographic processing. What are these strategies in the first place? Well, Estabrook is trying to make photos look like old photos, and in doing so, wants to make the photos look imperfect (see, for example, lines 41-45). But (E) tells us that the latest photographic techniques can make photographs that are almost perfect. So what? How does that strengthen Estabrook’s reasoning in deciding to make imperfect photos? It doesn’t, and so (E) is incorrect.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.