If Center 1 is the only recycling center that recycles wood, then which one of the following could be a complete and ...

on August 1 at 08:25PM

Why can't it be C?

I'm confused in part of the explanation. Where in the rules does it say that there has to be glass present? Couldn't the set up be Center 1: tin, newspaper, wood, Center 2: tin, newspaper, and Center 3: plastic, tin which would make C correct.

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on August 1 at 09:19PM

What I mean to say is, in the rules it does not say that every material is used.

Skylar on August 3 at 01:29AM

@terrierbl41, happy to help!

The game states that "exactly five kinds of material are recycled at these recycling centers," which means that all five materials must be assigned in the game. Note how this is different from a claim that "five kinds of material could be recycled at these recycling centers." Therefore, your proposed scenario for (C) is incorrect because it does not incorporate glass, which means that exactly five kinds of material are NOT recycled at the centers.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!

on August 5 at 10:23PM

Yeah I reread the prompt and figured that out. Thanks for your response!