A clear advantage of digital technology over traditional printing is that digital documents, being patterns of electr...

Eugene on August 1, 2020

Can someone please explain this

I narrowed it down to A and B, can someone explain to me why one is wrong and the other right? If one is correct of course, I am currently writing this while blind reviewing.

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Skylar on August 3, 2020

@EugeneC, happy to help!

(A) is correct- good job!

(A) "A property of a technology may constitute an advantage in one set of circumstances and a disadvantage in others."
This generalization is illustrated clearly in the passage- the format of technology as electronic signals is an advantage in that it produces no waste and a disadvantage in that digital documents can be easily destroyed and lost forever.

(B) "What at first appears to be an advantage of technology may create more problems than it solves."
This is incorrect because the passage never says that the problems created by technology (digital documents being destroyed and lost forever) are worse than the advantages (no waste). Remember, we cannot assign our own outside value or opinions to these situations and we must only go off of what is provided by the passage.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!