If Hannah spends exactly eight days in the cities of country X, then which one of the following CANNOT be true?

Ame15 on August 2, 2020

Confused on multiple cities Rule

Hello, I am very confused about the rules for this game. If each country has multiple cities, then shouldn't each country have at least 2 cities? Also, for the first question, why is it implausible that she spends 4 days in each city? It just says the minimum of days she has to spend in each city is 2 days. Thank you in advance!!!

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Skylar on August 2, 2020

@Ame15, happy to help!

Rule #2 in this game states, "each of the three countries has many cities." Be careful. This does not necessarily mean that Hannah must visit multiple cities in each country (though if this were the case, there would have to be exactly 2 cities visited per country). Instead, this simply means that each country has the capacity for multiple cities to be visited. Again, this does not mean that Hannah must visit those cities, just that we should keep our possibilities open.

In general, it is impossible for Hannah to spend 4 days in each city because she has 14 days to visit 6 cities. Spending 4 days in each of the 6 cities would require 24 days, which exceeds the limit we were given in the setup. You ask about this in the context of the first question. In this question, we are told that Hannah spends exactly 8 days in the cities of Country X. We know Hannah has 14 days total, so this means that she has (14-8=6) 6 days left to spend between Country Y and Country Z. The maximum number of cities that could be fit into these 6 days is (6/2=3) 3 cities. Since we know that Hannah visits 6 cities, this means that the other 3 cities must be in Country X. It could also be possible to have 4 cities visited in Country X, 1 city visited in Country Y, and 1 city visited in Country Z. Regardless, it would be impossible for Hannah to visit only 2 cities in Country X (thereby spending 4 days in each), as there would not be enough remaining days to account for visiting a total of 6 cities.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!