Which one of the following is a possible matching of employees with the offices they select?

Katharina on August 3 at 07:23PM

In the video explanation, Mehran said that W can't be third...

In the video explaining the game set up of this problem, Mehran makes the deduction that W cannot be third and therefore must be fourth. How is B the correct answer then if W is third in that answer choice?

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Skylar on August 4 at 02:29PM

@Katharina, happy to help!

Be careful- the answer choices for this question are not listed in order of which employee selects from first to last. Instead, each answer choice just restates the employees in the same order that they were introduced in the game, JLPT. It is critical to recognize that this question is looking only at the matching of employees to their selected offices, it does not present us with the order.

In other words, W is not selected third in (B) just because it is paired with the employee that is listed third. If we work this out, we will see that it is actually selected fourth, which is consistent with what Mehran says in the video.

In answer choice (B):
- L selects first and chooses X
- T selects second and chooses Y
- J selects third and chooses Z
- P selects last and chooses W

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions.