The author's primary purpose in the passage is to

on August 6 at 01:02AM

Why not A?

I chose A based off the final paragraph.

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Shunhe on August 6 at 05:10PM

Hi @kelsgorman,

Thanks for the question! So remember, we’re being asked here for the primary purpose of the passage. The primary purpose needs to be something that’s both supported by the passage, but also, actually the primary purpose as opposed to something that’s just mentioned. So you’re definitely right that the last paragraph analyzes and commends how Toni Morrison contributed to the novel with Jazz. But is the primary purpose to “analyze and commend the variety of contributions to the art of the novel made by a particular writer”? No, because the passage focuses on one contribution, not a variety of contributions. Throughout the whole piece, we’re just talking about Jazz and how it helped redefine the possibilities of narrative point of view.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.