Which one of the following could be an accurate list of the contestants who play in each of the four games?

Fiona on August 7 at 11:03PM

Scenario 2

Scenario Two suggests the following set-up: N/P? TS P/NO LS Wouldn’t this actually be impossible because two Ps need to occur? T cannot play in games 1 or 3 and N only appears once, so P needs to play in two games. However, P cannot play himself in the first game if N were to be in game 3, and from the rules N cannot play P.

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Fiona on August 7 at 11:23PM

Nevermind, I realize I forgot about Lulu! Sorry about that.

Skylar on August 9 at 05:31PM

@lsatstudier1, glad you figured it out. Great job and please let us know if you come across any other questions, as we're happy to help!