An undergraduate degree is necessary for appointment to the executive board. Further, no one with a felony conviction...

Jessica on August 9 at 08:30AM

I am unclear as to how it can not be 'C'.

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Skylar on August 9 at 05:09PM

@JessW, happy to help!

The passage tells us that having an undergraduate degree and not having a felony conviction are both necessary for being on the executive board. We are then introduced to Murray, who has an undergraduate degree and a felony conviction, and we are told that he cannot be accepted for the position of Executive Administrator.

At this point, you should be asking yourself why Murray cannot be accepted for the position. Note that we know nothing about the position of Executive Administrator; we are not told that it's on the board or what its requirements for acceptance are. Answer choice (B) is correct because it will fix this gap by connecting the position's requirements back to the board's, which would explain why Murray is ineligible.

(C) "An undergraduate degree is not necessary for acceptance for the position of Executive Administrator."
This is incorrect because it does not help to explain why Murray is ineligible for the position of Executive Administrator, since we already know that he has an undergraduate degree. We're expecting to look for an answer choice that says the position and the board have the same requirements for acceptance, and (C) deviates from this by showing that they're different in terms of requiring an undergraduate degree.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Jessica on August 11 at 06:38AM

Yes it makes sense! Thank you!