Which one of the following principles is most clearly operative in the author's argument?

on August 9 at 01:30PM

Ans Choice C

Hi, I chose C on the basis of the info in the last paragraph. the author mentions that the main aspect was not addressed right? Could you please help me on this. thanks in advance

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Shunhe on August 10 at 05:21PM

Hi @ankita96,

Thanks for the question! So we’re being asked here for a principle operative in the author’s argument. (C) tells us that the principle is that “if a judicial decision fails to address the most troubling aspect of a practice, then measures should be taken to prevent this practice from continuing in an altered form.” Remember to be on the lookout for strong language on the LSAT, and make sure that if you’re picking an answer choice with strong language, it matches the author’s tone throughout the passage. Here, I’d say (C) is much stronger than the author’s tone. The “most troubling aspect” of a practice? There’s not much support for that. It’s also unclear about measures that could be taken to prevent the practice from continuing in some altered form.

(D), on the other hand, is mentioned in the third paragraph, specifically around lines 44-46, where we’re told that “the Supreme Court nor lower courts later applied Shelley’s approach.” In other words, if courts are hesitant to apply the rationale given in a past decision, that’s reason to think the rationale is questionable.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.