Proponents of the electric car maintain that when the technical problems associated with its battery design are solve...

Elizabeth on August 11 at 05:49PM

Why not C?

Please elaborate on how answer choice C is not the correct answer. Maybe by choosing this I am making to great an assumption about the argument as a whole, but I thought this choice was supported well by the argument provided.

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Victoria on August 14 at 05:03PM

Hello, happy to help!

Answer choice (C) is incorrect for two reasons.

1) The stimulus' discussion of the sources of electricity required to power electric cars suggests that the problems which must be solved before electric cars can be widely used are not purely technical.

2) This does not logically complete the argument. The author is focused on the environmental degradation which is likely to be perpetuated by the use of electric cars if more rivers are not dammed.

The stimulus begins by telling us that proponents of the electric car believe that, once battery design improves, these cars will be widely used and will mitigate environmental degradation. The author contradicts the latter half of this belief, arguing that, unless we focus on renewable sources of electricity generation, electric cars will continue to degrade the environment. This conclusion is restated by answer choice (A), making it the correct answer.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.