Which one of the following most accurately states the main point of the passage?

Filippo on August 12, 2020

Why is D wrong

Could anyone please explain why D is wrong? Thank you!

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Shunhe on August 13, 2020

Hi @filozinni,

Thanks for the question! So we’re being asked here for the main point of the passage. Remember, the main point needs to be something that’s both supported by the passage, and something that’s actually the main point (as opposed to something that’s just briefly mentioned). It also needs to reflects the author’s main point, and not some other party.

So let’s take a look at (D): the improbability of life occurring in the universe supports the idea that our universe is just one of many universes in a broader multiverse. Is this the main point of the passage? Well, first of all, is this even the author’s opinion, or someone else’s? Take a look at the third paragraph starting at line 19. This idea isn’t the author’s idea, it’s the idea of “some cosmologists”! And is this something the author agrees with? No, the author thinks that life isn’t as improbable as other people think it is. So (D) isn’t even something that the author holds, and so is the wrong answer.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Filippo on August 14, 2020

Thanks for the explanation, @Shunhe!

Shunhe on August 17, 2020

No problem, glad I could help!