One's palate is to a great extent socially determined: that is, if we notice that a lot of people enjoy consuming a c...

on August 12, 2020

C & E

I can see why C is correct but what is wrong with E?


Ravi on August 13, 2020

Let's look at (E).

(E) says, "Sally found jalapeno peppers to be too hot when she first
tried them, but now she can eat them without discomfort, because her
family members use them frequently in their cooking."

We know that Sally has grown to be fine with the peppers that her
family is using in food. That's fine, but this is just telling us that
she can eat them without discomfort; it's never saying that she's come
to enjoy them, and that's necessary for any answer choice to properly
match the principle illustrated in the stimulus.

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