Shanna: Owners of any work of art, simply by virtue of ownership, ethically have the right to destroy that artwork if...

Alison on August 14 at 07:29PM

How is Answer E relevant?

Hello, I am really stumped on answer choice E. I understand the first part of the answer, but the part about health and safety is really confusing to me. How is that relevant?

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Shunhe on August 19 at 03:20PM

Hi @alicat6,

Thanks for the question! The part about healthy and safety isn’t super necessary for the principle to strengthen: obviously, a principle that said “the autonomy of individuals to do what they wish with what is theirs must not be compromised” without any qualifications would also strengthen Shanna’s defense of her position against Jorge. But the question is if the principle as given would contribute, so now they’ve thrown in a qualifier to see if the principle still works with the qualifier about not harming anyone’s health and safety. And the answer is yes, since it’s pretty reasonable to say that destroying artwork isn’t going to harm anyone’s health or safety. So even with this qualification, the answer choice still strengthens and is the correct answer choice. It’s not necessary, but remember, we don’t care if it’s necessary, we just care if it’s sufficient.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.