Which one of the following most accurately describes the structure of the author's argument in the passage?

Amar on August 15 at 05:32AM

I see D can fit but not sure about difference between December and B. can someone Help?

thanks in Advance!

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Shunhe on August 19 at 03:37AM

Hi @Amar-Chauhan,

Thanks for the question! So I’m going to assume by “December” that you meant D, but let me know if you meant something else. We’re being asked here for the structure of the author’s argument in the passage. What is that structure? (B) tells us that there’s a thesis in the first paragraph that’s revised in the second paragraph, and the revised thesis is supported with an argument in the third paragraph. (D) Tells us that there’s a claim made in the first paragraph which is supported by the next two paragraphs. So the difference between (B) and (D) is that one says that there’s a single claim that’s supported by both, and the other says that the claim is revised and then supported.

So what actually happens here? Well, it looks like we have a claim in the first paragraph that Herbert’s arguments aren’t persuasive. Does the second paragraph offer a revision of this thesis? No, not really, the second claim helps support it! So it’s not a revision, which makes (B) wrong, and (D) right.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Amar on August 19 at 03:51AM

thanks so much !