If Hannah spends three days in the cities of country Y and seven days in the cities of country Z, then which one of t...

ankita96 on August 15, 2020

Help for the question

Hi, For this question, I just had a clarification. Since the rule says at least two days in a city. Is it possible that she spends 7 days in a city and because she does have to visit atleast one in each country. ? Thanks in advance

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shunhe on August 17, 2020

Hi @ankita96, remember, she has 14 days total and there are six cities. So there's not enough room for her to spend 7 days in a city and also spend at least 2 days in the rest. Hope this helps!

ankita96 on August 17, 2020

Oh, my bad, right. Thanks!

shunhe on August 19, 2020

No problem!