All of the following are explicitly mentioned in the passage as contributing to the extinction of species EXCEPT

on August 16 at 07:06AM

Help for the question

Hi, I was very confused between A, B and C as the passage does not mention explicitly. I was trying to eliminate on the basis of "Human-induced". Could you please explain how you would go about this answer. Thank you in advance!

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Shunhe on August 17 at 04:59PM

Hi @ankita96,

Thanks for the question! We’re being asked here for the answer choice that does not contribute to the extinction of species. This is going to require combing through the passage for answer choices we think might not have been used in this specific context; definitely make sure that if you remember something is brought up, but aren’t sure if it was mentioned as contributing to the extinction of the species, to go back and reread the part of the passage where it lies.??Now let’s take a look at (A). Does the passage say anything about hunting contributing to the extinction fo species? Well, yes, take a look at lines 35-36, where we’re told that “half of the bird species of Polynesia have been eliminated through hunting.” That means (A) is mentioned, and it’s out.??Now let’s move on to (C) first. Is deforestation mentioned anywhere? Well, yes, right afterwards! Let’s look at lines 36-37, where we’re told that those bird species are also eliminated through “the destruction of native forests.” That takes care of (C) for us. “Human-induced” just means “caused by humans,” so human-induced extinctions are ones that humans cause. And human hunting and deforestation are specific instances.

Now as for (B), pollution: where do you see it mentioned here? Pollution actually isn’t even really mentioned in this passage. And so because it’s not, (B) is the correct answer.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

on August 19 at 12:58PM

Thank you so much, I missed out that part!